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  • Online since: 5.555 days! OMG!! Yay!!! (^0^)/
  • Also, where did the forums go? I missed it.
  • Just logged in back to check on how everyone is doing! Hope everyone's safe and blessed.
  • Thanks, Dvise! I hope you're well too. Excuse me, but ... How can I edit my userbars Image URL? Because, when I upload my userbar, BBCode & HTML Code it's both incomplete, and Image URL it's empty.
  • Just QT'd some userbars that I saw while passing by. Hope everyone's well
  • Hi everyone ho are you all?
  • I'd like to see these make a comeback. Hopefully, someone makes one when the ps5 comes out
  • Hi! The site is still alive, amazing :)
  • hey @than long time no see...just was remembering things the guess the movie and other things we used to do...♥
  • Checking in! Also new here.
  • Hi Everybody, just came here to let you guys know that I was thinking about the times back then when the community was active. Hope you are all fine!
  • hello all
  • Hi I am new here! Where can i ask some question about games bar?
  • Hi I am new here
  • Hi I am new here
  • Hi I'm Thyme Red
  • Happy new year :D
  • Happy new year guys
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