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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I submit a userbar ?

    If you don't have an account yet, please sign up first. Then login and click the "submit" link in your member menu. Browse to the files/userbars on you computer and select the ones you want to upload. Choose a category and some keywords for each userbar and click on the submit button. Your userbars will be automatically added to your showroom.

  2. Which userbars get a quality tag ?

    First of all the userbar must be made in order with the userbar standards. If the image-quality is good and the text is not blurred, you have a good chance that your creation will get the quality tag. The quality tagging is done manually by the admins and moderators, so it can take a couple of hours before your userbars get the quality tag.

  3. Are there any rules to upload a userbar ?

    Anyone with an account can upload as many userbars as he/she likes. Just stick to the following rules when you upload a userbar:
    - The userbar should have the dimension 350x19 (or 350x20).
    - The image can't be larger than 200kb.
    - The supported file-types are: JPG, GIF and PNG.
    - The userbar should have a decent quality.
    - The userbar must be made according to the userbar-standards.
    - The userbar must be made by the member that uploads it.
    - If you upload a animated userbar, it can't be a animation of different other userbars.
    - You can only submit a userbar to the "Video Userbars Category" if it is made with a video file. (.AVI, .MOV etc)

  4. What are the userbar standards ?

    Userbars come in many varieties, but many userbars have the following characteristics:
    - Approximately 350 pixels in width.
    - Approximately 19 pixels in height.
    - A semi-transparent half-ellipse covering the top half of the userbar.
    - There are userbars with other kinds of decoration or with no decoration at all.
    - Text using the 'Visitor TT1 BRK' at 10pt or 'Visitor TT2 BRK' font at 13pt, aligned to the right and centered vertically.
    - A diagonal stripe pattern (commonly called a 'scanline' pattern) of varying density.
    - 1 pixel border, sometimes called a stroke.
    - Animations are allowed, but watch the file-size.
    - PNG format for static userbars, GIF for animations.

  5. I would like to use a userbar from this site in my forum signature, how can I do this ?

    Click on the userbar you want to use in your forum signature. On the next page you'll see the forum BB-code that you should copy and paste into your signature.

  6. My uploaded userbar has disappeared !?

    The admins have the right to remove userbars that are not in order with the rules or not follow the userbar-standards. When that is the case you can't do anything about it, just try to make the userbar again and make it look better.

  7. The category or keywords of one of my userbars is changed !?

    In order to get good site search results, the keywords and categories of the submitted userbars shoud be well written and formed. The admins and moderators can change the keywords and the category of a userbar. Make it easy for us and choose good keywords and the right category.

  8. How to request a userbar ?

    Go to the forums and make a request in the relevent section. Make sure you follow the request rules specified in the forum, so that people understand how you would like you userbar.

  9. Why can't I animate more than 5 userbars ?

    Animated userbars are saved in GIF format, with a maximum 256 different colors. They are created by piecing together separate userbar-frames and assigning delay times between the display of the different frames. In this manner, userbars can appear to be animated, or in a state of change. When you select many userbars, you also have many different colors (more than 256) expecially if you select userbars with a gradient. But the animated userbar can only have 256 colors so the other colors are replaced. In this way the quality of the animated userbars will decrease enormously. An other reason why 5 userbars is the maximum, is that the image size will increase rapidly when you animate more userbars. If you made a userbar that is bigger than 150kb it will load very slowly on forums and that is certainly not the intention.

  10. My shoutbox message has disappeared !?

    The shoutbox is there for a reason, don't misuse it. The admins have the right to remove shoutbox messages. Messages are removed if they are spam, advertisements or links to other websites. If you keep spamming the shoutbox, your account will be closed.

  11. Help, I have a question that isn't on this FAQ-list ?

    No problem, just fill out the contact form and we will reply as soon as possible.



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