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  • Your message here...
  • my goodness come on everyone get back online
  • @kenjilp and @xvilo -- Hello to you both. Unfortunately, this once great, interactive website is just a dim shadow of it's former self. Had fun, though, and learned a lot. Cheers!
  • Is userbars still alive?
  • Think this website has gone to shit in fairness, last time I was here years ago it was great
  • Sorry, when i´ve try to up some bar "Error: 302" displays, i dont know why if i image get the correct dimentions.
  • So apparently I can't upload my userbars? Keep getting error 302?
  • hello hello
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  • @VPredoev - Hello, but, sad to say, this website is just a thin, weak shell of what it was a couple of years ago, where there was a lot of interaction among members, talking about userbars and such.
  • Hi to everyone.
  • I can't see "add to animation"
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