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Userbar Font

The official font that is used in userbars is the Visitor TT1 BRK font.

  • You should use font size 10pt
  • Make sure you have disabled font anti-aliasing

To install the font on a Windows operating system:

  1. Download the font, and remember where you save it
  2. Choose Start > Settings > Control Panel
    In Windows XP, choose Start > Control Panel
  3. Double-click the Fonts folder
  4. Choose File > Install New Font
  5. Locate and select the font you want to install
  6. To copy the fonts to the Fonts folder, make sure the Copy fonts to the Fonts folder checkbox is selected
  7. Click OK to install the fonts

You can ask questions about the userbar font on our forum.

Photoshop Userbar Template

ViTALiTY has made a Photoshop userbar template file, for anyone who has difficulties designing userbars. You can use this template to start your userbar career.

The template has all the things you need: background image, 9 different scanlines, shine arc (ellipse) and text. You just need to add the image and you're done.

If you don't have installed the correct userbar font, please read above.
You can discuss or ask questions about this template on our forum.



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