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Post About userbars rating
Hello everyone!
Today I would like to talk about the userbars rating system.

I noticed that the site there are people who underestimate assessment userbars specially. For example, I saw a situation where 10 or more userbars loaded in a row, are evaluated in 2 points. But at the same time, it was not bad userbars! I do userbars for a long time, and I can tell what quality userbars and what not! I think not good to evaluate the work to a lower grade if it is just you do not like. Evaluate the work should be only based on the fact how well-designed working! If the work is done well, but you personally do not like it, ugly knock her vote just because of this. I think the people who assess the work of undeserved want to fight! And it turns out that people enjoy our userbars, and instead of "thanks", we get spitting. This is not good. I propose to do so, that before you put the estimate, you are obliged to userbars to comment, explain why you put it is this assessment, and not another! Otherwise, it makes no sense to put their work on this site, if they so unfairly evaluated.

And what do you think?

P.S. Sometimes, my English is pretty bad)

27 Dec 2009, 15:51
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Hello, Lerinn,
I got lost in words somewhere in between but I understand most of the thing you are trying to say.

I understand your point of view here but like any critic can like some movie the same way any can hate it or dislike it.

Currently the votes and ratings aren't real but when was the last time when something was fair in this world? (yeah, I know.. WWII)

At my first day here I got three or four votes for each of my three or four userbars and they were in the top of the top userbars by rating(kind of cool actually, and stupid in the same way). In the next day they were somewhere back and some new guy taken my place.. so the admin can consider some suggestions:
- UB Designer's ratings should be used as separate from the others' users ratings when sorting by rating or their votes can be count as more than one(like 10) so they can weight.
- ... or Only UB designers should vote and every of their votes should be memorialized(added to the database) and when seeing the page of the userbar with comments and etc you should have option to see how did the UBDes voted(like lerinn said - comment/criticize it).

Actually I am out of ideas.. but the guy is right. The competition often vote for his/her competitor with low value so his userbars can be on top. Think whatever you want - people just want to think themselves for superior than the others.

By the way - happy new year to the community!


12 Jan 2010, 11:53
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